Successful Surgery of Naveen

Ramamoorthy and Saroja were blessed with a son after 5 years of marriage, Naveen had brought joy and hope to the family. As time passed, Naveen had frequent fevers and a poor appetite. Just after a month he was taken to a local doctor for a check up and diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease.

It brought the hopes of Saroja crashing down, she was soon affected by depression. Naveen’s grandmother took the family to her home and cared for her daughter and grandson. Saroja was treated for depression for a few years. It can devastate even the most positive person to have a child 5 years later and then hear that he has a life threatening disease. If not for the support of his grandmother, Naveen and his family would have been left in the lurch.

At 2 years of age, Naveen underwent a surgery at the Governement Hospital. Though he seemed normal since then, Ramamoorthy and Saroja couldn’t stop worrying. The thought of having another child never crossed their mind. Ramamoorthy, a factory worker and Saroja, a housekeeper in a medical lab had steadfast resolve to cure Naveen even if it meant taking a risk.

After a couple of years, Naveen began to show the same symptoms of high fever and breathing problems. Ram and Saroja again visited the Governement Hospital, Madurai with Naveen. Fortrunately then, he was referred to LMHF. LMHF then provided treatment free of cost to Naveen, who required another surgery. Naveen is another living symbol of team LMHF’s dedication.​

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