Success story of – Harinitha – Virudhunagar

“There are no words that can describe the euphoria you feel when your baby recognizes you for the first time and smiles.”


Success story of - Harinitha - Virudhunagar

It was the same magical smile of little Harinitha that brought happiness to her parents, for she was the apple of their eye. Harinitha lived with her family in Virudhunagar, where her father worked as a coolie and her mother, an unemployed trained teacher. Despite their unfavourable circumstances, Harinitha and her family lived for years as a happy unit, with their lives revolving around the little tot of theirs. Unfortunately, at the age of four, Harinitha often got sick with bouts of cough and cold. She was taken to the nearest hospital for a checkup at the age of five and that is when the family heard the worst of news… Harinitha was found to have a hole in her heart from the time of her birth. The doctor advised for an immediate surgery as treatment and the family was devastated.

Harinitha’s parents knew that they would have to spend a lot more than they could afford to see their little angel cured. It was a very tough time as her father’s wages from the baniyan (vest) company was adequate only for daily expenses. The very thought of the expenses stressed the family but they were ready to move mountains for their little girl’s health.

A ray of hope appeared in the form of the Little Moppet Heart Foundation and the family was elated upon knowing that Harinitha was blessed with a second chance. Initially referred to by a government hospital, Harinitha’s parents got in touch with Dr. Gopi through a Whatsapp number that was provided. Little Harinitha’s father was a little skeptical and afraid about the surgery and got strong and confident after listening to Dr. Gopi’s words of hope. The doctor clearly explained the daughter’s condition and cleared all their doubts about the treatment plan for their little girl.

During one of their visits to the foundation, they met the other parents of the CHD warriors who shared their experiences with them. Their worries soon melted away and Harinitha’s parents gained more confidence and had faith that their little girl would heal just like her heart warrior friends. Their faith in the medical team soon came through when it was announced that little Harinitha had a successful surgery. The family was elated and grateful that their financial condition didn’t affect the life of their only daughter. They wholeheartedly appreciated Dr. Gopi and the team for their selfless service despite not having got a single penny from them.

Success story of - Harinitha - Virudhunagar

We always believe that “Service to mankind is service to God”. But nothing is possible without the moral and financial aid that we get from those that actively support us .

We thank the entire team of donors and workers who contributed to the welfare of the little angel Harinitha. Haritha’s parents are now getting ready to motivate and strengthen the hearts of the other parents who are worried about their CHD affected kids!!!

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