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Ways to #savealittleheart

Bank Transfer

You can do a direct NEFT Transfer to the following account

A.C. no 50200022298793
IFSC code HDFC0002027
Madurai Annanagar branch

You can also send us a Cheque in Favour of ” Little Moppet Heart Foundation” to the following address

Little Moppet Heart Foundation
Door No6, Gnanavel Street, New Ramnad Road
Madurai – 625009

Pay Online through Credit/Debit Card or Net banking


As per the revised tax exemption act, effective April 1, 2017, donations above Rs 500 to Little Moppet Heart Foundation will be eligible  tax exemption under Section 80G of Income Tax Act. By contributing to Little Moppet Heart Foundation, you will help  treat Congenital heart Disease Children and also help yourselves with tax deduction benefit.

We will email your donation receipt to your registered Email id.  Thanks in advance

Your Help will make a Difference

Join us to save a little heart and make a difference in their lives.

Please Note – The amount mentioned below are an average estimate value and may differ for individual patients.

Cause Amount in INR
I will help a patient’s medical record charge at the hospital 250
I will sponsor for blood cross matching charge 1000
I will take care of Echo charge 1500
I will take care of first visit after surgery; investigation & consultation 2000
I would like to sponsor for breast pump to feed the baby 3000
I will sponsor three days stay in the ward 4800
I will take care of the patient’s attender waiting lounge fee for ten days 5000
I will sponsor for pre operative standard investigation 5500
I will sponsor five days stay in the ward 8000
I will sponsor for angiogram 9800
I will sponsor for cath procedure 25000
I will sponsor five days stay in the ICU 30000
I like to sponsor for medicines 30000
I will sponsor for implants 35000
I will sponsor for surgery cost 40000
I will meet the cost of the valves 50000
I will take care of the device closure 60000
I will help out for a complete closed heart surgery 60000
I will help out for an open heart surgery 150000
I will help out for a complex heart surgery 250000

however small or big
can help a little heart


A.C. no 50200022298793
IFSC code HDFC0002027
Madurai Annanagar branch


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    Every child deserves to fly #Letshelp

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to uproot the suffering of children with congenital heart diseases by identifying them and create awareness about the challenges faced in terms of medical assistance and support to the local communities.

    Further to ensure each of us lends a helping hand to make a difference in the life of every suffering child by providing free treatment and establishing an awareness centre.

    Our Mission

    To provide financial and medical support to every child in the world needs in order to lead a normal life in this beautiful world of ours.

    Who we are

    We are doctors by passion and profession who realize the challenges faced by children in the hospitals with particular diseases and wish to make a change in the society by providing children suffering from congenital heart disease the facilities they need. We have been attending children in and Around Madurai for past one years and now with the help of many donors and associate partners we are extending the services to many more towns and villages that lack sufficient medical attention to touch those innocent lives.