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Our aim is to eradicate the sickness faced by children with congenital heart diseases by providing them with the treatment they deserve.

To provide financial and medical support to every child in the world needs in order to lead a normal life in this beautiful world of ours.


Our vision is to uproot the suffering of children with congenital heart diseases by identifying them and create awareness about the challenges faced in terms of medical assistance and support among the local communities.

Further to ensure each of us lends a helping hand to make a difference in the life of every suffering child by providing free treatment and establishing an awareness centre.

Who we are

We are doctors by passion and profession who realize the challenges faced by children in the hospitals with particular diseases and wish to make a change in the society by providing children suffering from congenital heart disease the facilities they need.

We have been attending children in and Around madurai for past two years and now with the help of many donors and assosiate partners we are extending the services to many more tier 2 and tier 3 cities to touch innocent lives.


Dr. Gopi Nallaiyan

Dr. Gopi Nallaiyan has operated 1500 cases of which 200 cases were done in 2 years in Raipur Chhattisgarh under Chief Minister Child Heart Protection Scheme and got the Best Congenital Cardiac Surgeon Award for operating the highest number of congenital cardiac cases in the state of Chhattisgarh from Chief Minister. Dr. Gopi Nallaiyan has worked across renowned hospitals in Madurai,Chennai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Raipur, Hyderabad, London and US.

What inspires us?

Dr. Gopi Nallaiyan is a father of two adorable kids and a pediatric heart surgeon. Coming from a humble background, Dr. Gopi Nallaiyan always dreamed of becoming a doctor right from his childhood days. He was determined that he wanted to work with children and help them. His dream came true when he was the first ever doctor his village produced.Having a successful corporate career in well-established hospitals, Dr. Gopi Nallaiyan was dispirit to see the lack of awareness and facilities in the treatment of children suffering from heart diseases, even while working at advanced medical centre.

As an individual who grew up with the sole aim of helping children by treating them, Dr. Gopi Nallaiyan felt that he was letting these children down even though he knew his purpose was to save lives in spite of all odds. Being made to feel helpless was not an option which he would consider. Those circumstances which seeded a thought of an NGO to Dr. Gopi Nallaiyan, which would give children with heart conditions a chance to live and experience the world like any other mortal. His ambitions to serve the society had the full support of his family and wife, who is a doctor herself.

With the sole purpose to cater to the needs of those little patients whose parents can’t afford medical treatment, Dr. Gopi Nallaiyan made the life-changing decision of quitting his highly paid medical career to make difference in those little lives, he conceived Little Moppet Heart Foundation.