Successful Surgery of Baby Maniraj

To put it in a simple way, 2 year old Maniraj belonged those few who had faced a survival challenge right after birth. Born to Karnan, a farm labourer and Vanitha, Mani was sick frequently with cold and fever. It was an ordeal that Karnan and Vanitha had faced regularly but never understood why.

The couple had their hands full with three children, Mani’s sisters Jamuna and Srinathi were in 1st standard and Kindergarden. With an income that is barely enough to feed five , this family somehow continued to sustain. Maniraj had completed 6 months and he was taken to hospital for treating fever. In Chatrakudi hospital, Mani was diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease. The exasperated parents were advised to wait a few years for surgery and Mani was prescribed with medicines.The couple’s hope was very much alive to save their son, with him being the only male child of the generation.

Karnan and Vanitha took little Mani to the a Hospital in Madurai where he was examined by doctors and surgery was recommended. Despite the strong need for a surgery, the family continued to sidestep, as they could never afford one with their financial position. Knowing fully well that your child is suffering and still being forced to not consider his treatment, is a feeling only Karnan and family can narrate.

As a Godsend, a doctor from the Chatrakudi hospital referred them to the LMHF camp in a nearby village. Dr.Gopi examined Mani and asked them to bring him for a surgery at the hospital. The family felt extremely thankful to have Maniraj operated upon successfully. Maniraj can now live life to the fullest and carry memories of a normal childhood just like his two sisters.

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