Successful Surgery of Mercy Victoria

Mercy was the first child to Gunasekaran, a factory worker and Devi, a housewife. Within just 3 months of birth she was unwell with diarrhea. Her parents later went to see a doctor closer home, where 4 month old Mercy was diagnosed with CHD.

As concerned as they were shocked, Gunasekar and Devi approached another doctor, he suggested a surgery to cure Mercy. Their inability to pay for a surgery had them settle with treatment for diarrhea and fever. When Mercy Victoria was 5, they approached a Doctor in Chennai for an opinion. He asked them to wait a few years for surgery.

As parents they only earned to provide for basic needs. Mercy now also had a brother, Moses Victor who was to be cared after. Mercy’s daily commute was a walk to school when she would get breathless and faint often. Trouble mounted for Gunasekar when Mercy repeatedly felt tired and her teacher frequently asked him to take Mercy home. Mercy’s dad could no longer afford to keep his job and started driving an auto just to make sure he is always there for Mercy.

Gunasekar and Devi’s thoughts centered around Mercy and her condition but they invariably felt helpless. Continuing to wait for help in the form of free camps, Gunasekar then came across a free camp at St. Mary’s school, Tuticorin. Things moved fast for Mercy thereafter, she was examined by Dr. Gopi and had a surgery free of cost at Little Heart Center. The family could finally heave a sigh of relief and now, Mercy is looking forward to walking to school again.

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