Successful Surgery of Gokul

All of 6 years, Gokul has travelled much more than boys of his age but he was never happy on any of his trips. It was not because he didn’t like visiting Pondicherry or Madurai but because all he had seen was hospitals. Vadivel and Poomani had gathered all the courage to cure Gokul only in vain. When Vadivel, a coolie worker and his wife first heard that Gokul was diagnosed with CHD it broke their dreams into pieces.

After a year, Gokul had a little brother, Manoj with whom he could never really play. It was not his fault, his body would never allow him to exert even a bit. Even before visiting hospitals in Pondichery and Madurai the family had been to quite a few hospitals in Tirchy itself. But the huge sum of money involved always put them off.

Right when it looked like there was no light at the end of the tunnel, a health camp at Gokul’s school was held and a nurse referred them to LMHF. The struggle of six years for Vadivel and Poomani had finally borne fruit. They felt thankful to LMHF for giving Gokul a chance to lead a normal life.

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