Successful Surgery of Baby Sathya

All of three and a half years old, Sathya means the world to her parents. She is the second child of Kumarasamy, a farm worker and his wife, Revathy, from Kovilur, Kerala. Though treading in rough weather, the family were elated to bring Sathya home. However, little did they know then, that their joy would be short lived.

Sathya was in her sixth month when her parents realised she wasn’t eating or growing normally. Concerned, they took her to a doctor who referred them to a hospital in Coimbatore. At Coimbatore, Sathya was diagnosed with CHD and required surgery. However, with their struggling finances, an immediate surgery was out of question. Kumarasamy and Revathy were completely heartbroken, their daughter was ill and they were helpless.

As time passed, Revathy realised that Sathya did not seem to respond to sound. A checkup of Sathya’s ears at the hospital showed that she was deaf. This was an additional blow to her parents and Kumarasamy and his wife almost went into depression. It is hard to describe Revathy’s thoughts at this juncture. Seeking a solution, they visited a hospital in Ernakulam and returned with despair on knowing the huge cost of surgery.

It was around this time that they ended up meeting Manoj, a relative of an old LMHF patient. Manoj told them about the foundation and the family found the ray of hope they were looking for. Sathya underwent a successful surgery on the 27th of October, 2017. After a long struggle, Revathy and Kumarasamy have finally found a reason to smile. Their 5 year old son, Santhosh, is looking forward to play with his little sister who was too ill for anything all this time. Since the surgery was done in time, Sathya can now look forward to a healthy and happy adult life.

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