Success story of Varshini-Tirunelveli

Varshini, is a 7-year-old innocent girl living with her family in kodikuruchi village, Tirunelveli District, Tenkasi Taluka. Her father Mr. Ramesh is working in a farm for a daily wage, and her mother Padmavadhi works from home earning a meager income to support her family.

Varshini’s parents came to know about her heart disease when she was 3 years old. The doctors who came for general health checkup in her school found out that the baby had CHD. Immediately her parents consulted the doctors about her condition. She was vomiting any food she ate and was getting cold very often. Doctors advised few tablets and tonics for temporary relief, they suggested for surgery after a few years, as she was small.

But during the second checkup which was held after few years, doctors informed the parents that the condition is becoming worst and recommended to consult government hospital for further treatment.

In the hospital, they took all the necessary test and reconfirmed her heart disease. Her parents were shocked, when the doctors advised them to arrange for immediate surgery, they couldn’t afford to pay for it.

The doctors referred the baby to ” Little Moppet Heart Foundation ” as they couldn’t make the surgery happen due to the financial condition. Varshini was examined by the panel of doctors headed by Doctor Gopi and the surgery was arranged immediately with the help of the good-hearted donors, Surgery was done successfully. Now Varshini is living a healthy normal childhood life, just like her friends. Her parents are also living a peaceful life with the two beautiful little angles around.