Success story of Nithish – Manapparai- Trichy

Do you believe in destiny? If yes! do you think its changeable? Helping hands of kind hearts can change even destiny. Love and compassion can affect one’s life in a better way. Life of the little boy Nithish is one of the best examples. Nithish was born normal and it was a healthy delivery too. Mr. velusamy and Mrs. shanthi were the proud parents of Nithish. The baby was active and smart but he was often affected by cold and fever. Though his birth weight was 2.7, he started to lose his weight gradually, his parents used to take him regularly to the nearby hospital and he was given medicines to cure the sickness. Cold and fever became a part of the little boy’s life. During one of those sick days, Nithish was taken to the hospital where they consult regularly. Doctors there doubted his heartbeat and requested them to go for echo test. After the test, it was confirmed that Nithish’s tiny heart had a hole in it. Parents of Nithish were totally shocked to know that their active toddler of 1.5 years had CHD.
They tried all possible ways to help him. He was taken to Trichy for further treatment. Doctors from that hospital advised Nithish’s parents to wait for few more years as there was a probability of disease being cured by itself if not surgery was the only solution given to them. Even after three years, the sickness continued. Nithish became a shrewd boy of 4 years, praised by his teachers for his brilliance. but Mr & Mrs. velusamy was waiting for the day to see their cute little boy healthy. They knew that the surgery has to be done to change his present destiny. Being a master in a hotel Mr. Velusamy’s salary was not sufficient for the surgery, they were clueless. Seeing their worries Nithish’s relative informed about LMHF camp held at mannaparai.
Nithish’s parents took him to the camp with a ray of hope. Doctor Gopi examined Nithish, understanding the situation, immediately arranged for the surgery. Nithish’s destiny was beautiful re-carved by the helping hands of donors. He has successfully undergone the operation. Now Nithish is not only an active boy but also a healthy boy who is sure to make his parents proud of him.