Success story of Gopika- Sivagangai

My fingers may be small but I’ve got my daddy wrapped around them.” – A beautiful quote about dad’s love. Every obstacle can be faced easy, holding dad’s hand. Arumugam is not at all an exception, he loved his daughter the most. Gopika, his little angel was born healthy and was leading a happy life with her parents.

It was a cute little family, years passed, Baby girl became a toddler & was admitted in a pre-school. This is when Gopika started to get cold and cough often, Mr. Arumugam was an agriculturist, with the meager salary, made his best to take her to doctors to cure her sickness.

During one of those days, a camp was held at Gopika’s school. Their doctor’s found Gopika with CHD, she was immediately taken to Sivagangai hospital by her dad, who was ready to do anything for his dear daughter. She was given medications and doctor’s from Sivagangai referred her to LMHF.

Innocent father who had no awareness of CHD was afraid to send the baby even to school, He wanted the baby to be safe, so kept Gopika at home and she even stopped playing with other kids. During their visit to LMHF, CHD was confirmed and surgery was arranged immediately with the help of donors.

Even after Dr. Gopi’s consultation, Gopika’s father was worried and scared about getting the operation done, the team gave complete counseling and guidance and made Mr. Arumugam strong enough to face the situation. The bold little heart faced the surgery and responded well. Now Gopika is a healthy little girl of 4 years, who is ready to step into her butterfly days.