Successful Surgery of Mohammed Saibur Rahman

Living in the piligrimage centre of Rameshwaram, for Sakkira Banu he was the third child and Saibur Rahman soon became close to her. Little did Sakkira Banu know that Rahman will put her emotional strength to test. Just 90 days after birth Banu took Rahman for vaccination, the doctor after examnination suggested an Echo test.

The Echo test revealed unfortunately that, her son Mohammed Saibur Rahman had CHD. Though the doctor adviced Sakkira and Rahman’s father Mohammed Rahamathullah to wait upto 5 years for the hole to close by itself, Sakkira could not stop worrying. Rahamathullah was a fisherman who earned a meagre income of 7000 ruppees every month. Living in the piligrimage centre of Rameshwaram, Banu was not convinced and took another echo test and listened to the same words from another doctor.

Into his 5th year Saibur visited a well-known hospital in Chennai where they demanded a hefty sum of 1,77,000 for surgery. On visiting a Government hospital at Mandapam for his fever, Saibur Rahman’s details were registered. After some time a doctor from Uchipilai Government hospital made a call and Sakkira’s prayers were answered when he informed them of a free camp. Raising three children is not easy but Sakkira gave her all to see her youngest son lead a normal life.

On reaching LMHF both parents were counselled by the team especially Sakkira feared and wept for her son . Following a succesful surgery the family was releived o\and were grateful to LMHF. A heartfelt example of mother’s love, Sakkira Banu stood like a rock by Rahman and saw him through the tough times.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]