Champions of Rural Health

Champions of Rural Health”

The past year has been eventful, challenging but thoroughly satisfying. We could see the culmination of our dreams and efforts with the inception of the Little Moppet Heart Foundation.

After working for a decade in tertiary healthcare hospitals, since last year, we started working in the rural areas to create awareness and treat CHD.

champions of rural healthWell, rural healthcare in India looks nothing like that in the textbooks or as portrayed by the media. Astonishingly, it is far more evolved and efficient. We were pleasantly surprised by the dedication and hard work of the humble people.

In the span of one year, we were witness to so many heart-touching incidents that it totally changed our perspective of the rural health system and the Primary Healthcare Centers.

As we march into our second year, we cannot help but honour and appreciate these hardworking and dedicated people for all the selfless work they do.

So with great pride we want to share with you the “Champions of Rural Healthcare”