Successful Surgery of Manmadhan

Dharmaraj worked in a matchbox company and lived at Thiruvengadam in Tirunelveli district. He was married and had three children now. Madhan kumar and Sabitha were his son and daughter.
Madhan was done with graduation and Sabitha was pursuing her 10th standard. Manmadhan was his third child and his dearest. Being a single parent after his wife left the family was not easy for him.

Soon after Manmadhan’s birth, Dharmaraj found him to be crying always. After an examination by the doctor at a local hospital, Dharmaraj took his son for an echo test at the Govt. Hospital in Tirunelveli. Already in deep anguish, Dharmaraj was told his little boy had CHD.

The 9000 rupees he earned every month was spent on daily needs of the family. No matter what, Dharmaraj never missed his son’s hospital visits. He could not stop worrying when asked to wait another 5 years for the hole in Manamadhan’s heart to close by itself.

Always wanting to be a caring father, Dharmaraj was working in Kerala when little Manmadhan was five and the date for surger was fixed on 5th January 2012. Just a few days before surgery Manmadhan hurt his eye while playing along with friends. His eye was severly damaged and required 4 surgeries to be restored to its original shape. But unfortunately Manmadhan could never use one of his eyes for the rest of his life. The family had to shell out 5 lakhs to treat his eyes and were forced to postpone the heart surgery.

4 years later Manmadhan complained of chest pain and was rushed to Government hospital. Multiple visits to different hospitals in Chennai and Tirunelveli did not yield much, but in the end not losing hope gave results with a doctor referring them to LMHF. Dharmaraj’s prayers were answered when Dr.Gopi operated succesfully on Manmadhan. After being deserted by his wife and later his elder son who turned alchoholic, Sabitha and Manmadhan were his world.