Successful Surgery of Aariya

Aariya is now regular to school and in his sixth standard but it was not all hunky-dory for him just a few months ago. His story to recovery is still in progress and started when he was just 1 year old. Being a native of Tirunelveli he visited the Government hospital after he had frequent fevers. Doctors confirmed soon that Aariya had a hole in his heart and that it will close by itself in 5 years. For 2 years Aariya was on medicines since then and had regular check ups.

All this happened after Aariya’s mother deserted them after his birth, being deprived of mother’s love when it was required the most.Aariya’s father, Jesumani being a mason earned daily wages only when there was work. Confornted with playing the role of both parents Jesumani worked hard to fulfill his two sons’ requirements. They met a kind hearted doctor at a government camp in Aariya’s school who referred them to private hospitals in Chennai and Madurai. Jesumani could not affors the hefty sum of money private hospitals charged and decided to do the only thing they could, wait.

The same doctor then referred them to LMHF where they meet Dr.Gopi. Thereafter there was not much to worry for Jesumani, Dr.Gopi examined Aariya and fixed a date for the surgery. After a successful surgery, Aariya recuperrated at Little Heart Centre to go back to school and his playful ways.