Success Story of Ganesh Mani

This might seem like a tale straight from the movies, but it isn’t one. The life of Ravikumar and Saravana after their marriage was not all magical. Ravikumar being a native of Kerala and Saravana belonging to Tirunelveli, they settled down in Kerala. After Ganesh entered their lives it was not easy managing the home all by themselves. The future also seemed gloomy with doctors detecting that Ganesh had CHD soon after birth.

While living in the hills of Munnar, Ganesh often found it hard to make his daily walk to school. He almost always had cold and was never able to adjust to the chilly weather. Ravi worked in an iron-steel shop and Saravana toiled in the farms to run the show. Even after little Bhavani was born, life was not a bed of roses, surviving with just 9000 thousand rupees a month. They eventually moved to Tirunelveli after being persuaded by others in the family.

It is difficult to imagine how a young couple without financial backing could tread this far. Ravi and Saravana never stopped trying, visiting private and government hospitals, yet they could not hear anything positive about Ganesh’s health. Moving to Tirunelveli was the stroke of good fortune that helped Ganesh get examined at a free check up in school, here doctors referred him to LMHF.

Ravi and his wife’s hopes of leading a normal life were reignited after visiting LMHF. The promise of free treatment by Dr.Gopi and team was something they never expected. Ganesh is now recovering well after surgery and has already had his first review.