Success Story of Venkatesan

This one is a heart-warming story of Murgeshwari and her nephew Venkatesan. It is common to find children sharing a great relationship with their uncles and aunts. But when you find a six year old comfortable to stay without both of his parents because he has his aunt by his side, you know they share a special bonding.

Venkatesan was lucky he had a caring aunt Murugeshwari, untill a few months no one knew that he had Congenital Heart Disease. Never having shown any signs of sickness, Venkat’s condition was detected at a free check-up in his school. Venkat’s mother Kaleeshwari was unaware of the seriousness even when doctors informed her of Venkat’s health. Unfortunately for Venkat, his father Easwaran was partly dumb by birth and Kaleeshwari could do little to help him.

When Venkat’s aunt heard about his sickness, she began to search for his treatment. She soon meet Vishwanathan whose grandson was treated by LMHF. Venkat in a few days visited little heart centre with Murugeshwari and was examined by Dr.Gopi. After the surgery, Murugeshwari was thankful to LMHF and left feeling reassured of Venkat’s health.