Success story of Brindha sri-Tirunelveli

Warrior”, this word is perfectly suitable for Brindha Sri, who is a little baby of 11 months. The pain she has gone through is so much for her age. However, she has faced it successfully and has got back well after surgery. Yes, Brindha Sri is one of our sweet little heart warriors.

Brindha Sri was born to Mr. Udhaya Kumar and Mrs. Ishwarya. It was Mrs. Ishwarya’s first pregnancy, hence there were lots of expectations & emotions. The couple were extremely happy when they first saw their little princess Brindha Sri. It was just in 3 days that they came to know about their lovable baby’s heart disease. Baby was diagnosed to have born with congenital heart disease. It was completely upsetting for the couple.

In critical situations, especially when it involves the loved ones, people should stop thinking from the heart and start thinking from the brain. Mr. Udhayakumar, who was emotionally down, started thinking for the ways to get the angel back, healthy. Brindha Sri was taken for checkups, where doctors advised the couple to wait for few more months, as the baby was very feeble. Doctors gave a small hope that the defect might get cured by itself when the baby grows. Taking this as a positive note Brindha Sri’s family waited for 11 months.

It was on the 11th month, that the doctors advised to proceed with the surgery. Mr. Udhaya Kumar was clueless about the fund needed for surgery. He was working as a driver for a meagre salary and was not able to arrange for the surgery’s expenditure. Empathy is the tool which keeps up the humanity of the world. A mom of a CHD affected baby, who has already been helped by the donors of My Little Moppet Heart foundation informed Mrs. Ishwarya about the free surgery.

The couple immediately rushed to the foundation and met the founder Dr. Gopi Nallaiyan. The required checkups were done and counselling was also given to the parents to face the situation bold. Finally, the couple were completely relaxed as the little heart warrior is seen stable and good after the surgery. A hearty smile was seen in the eyes of Mr. Udhayakumar and Mrs. Ishwarya. Our small actions might bring big changes in little lives. Join with us to contribute for the wellness of the next generation.