Successful Surgery of Veeralakshmi

We often hear peoples’ stories of extreme suffering and the same people trying to lead a normal life against all odds. Little Veeralakshmi’s is also one such story, the difference being she is just 7 years old. Her father, Bose works in a hotel and mother Annakodi is a farm labourer. For Bose and Annakodi it was their life’s goal to see their children lead a happy and comfortable life.

Veeralakshmi was active and playful just like any other child of her age. But her health soon started showing signs of trouble. Once when Veeralakshmi was six and returning from a trip to Palani she had seizures, it shocked her parents. Veera was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a heart problem. Bose and his wife were then informed to visit the hospital in their city.

But for Bose and Annakodi a surgery was not in the list of options simply because they never had the money. Crestfallen with their situation they continued to give Veeralakshmi medicines for cold and fever. The symptoms kept growing with headache, chest pain and breathing problems. When Veera’s symptoms were unbearable they approached a Govenment hospital. Here the doctors referred them to Madurai based Govt. Hospital, unfortunately required facilities were not available for a surgery.

Each opportnity seemed to slip away from the couple when trying to save their child. Right when Veeralakshmi’s recovery looked like a pipedream, a doctor at thiruvegampathur told them about LMHF. On reaching LMHF, the brave girl “Veera” was examined by Dr.Gopi and operated free of cost. The little ‘brave’ girl Veeralakshmi truly justified her name by remainig brave throughout.

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