Successful Surgery of Sutharsan

Sutharsan’s Agonising Wait Comes to An End

Sutharsan’s parents didn’t even have a chance to celebrate their son’s birth. Their small world came crashing down when they learned that Sutharsan was born with Congenital Heart Disease.
All they ever wanted to have was a healthy baby but destiny had other plans. for them. Although totally shattered, they mustered up enough courage to take their little boy to a private hospital in the hope that he would be cured. But they were in for more disappointment. The doctors there advised Sutharsan’s parents to wait for some years as the hole in his heart might repair itself. But surgery was the only option if the hole in his heart didn’t close by itself.

Although Sutharsan underwent tests every six months to monitor his condition, there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel. His condition was not improving and the years that went by were excruciating for both the child and his parents.

Sutharsan was now 15 years old and his parents thought they had exhausted all their options that is until they heard about a Medical Camp being organized by the Little Moppet Heart Foundation at Paramakudi. Under the aegis of Dr. Gopi’s guidance, Sutharsan underwent surgery on 8th August 2017.

After years of agonizing wait, Sutharsan’s parents just wanted their son to be able to live a normal and healthy life like other kids of his age. They are hoping that their little boy recuperates well to enjoy the simple things in life that eluded him all these years.
We wish him a speedy recovery and lots of happiness!

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