Successful Surgery of Sriharini

After 11 years of struggle Sriharini finally gets her happy ending !

Sriharini was born with a heart defect . Her parents were told that she would need surgery, but that they should wait till she is 5. By then she would weigh enough and be strong enough to handle the surgery.

But that was not to be. When she turned 5, her world fell apart.
Her mother, her biggest champion, passed away . Her father couldn’t handle his wife’s death and left the house one day in an alcoholic daze and never returned.

In the blink of an eye, Sriharini and her little sister were orphaned.

Her maternal grandmother and uncle took the helpless girls in.

They were aware of Sriharini’s heart condition and were keen to see the little girl get cured. But the surgery would cost about Rs.2.00 lacs. On a tailor’s salary and with five mouths to feed (he has two little kids of his own), Sriharini’s kind-hearted uncle was at his wits end. But he did not give up trying.

Since 2011, Sriharini’s uncle and grandmother had been trying hard to get her treated. They continued taking her to the local Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Vadukappati to ensure that her condition does not deteriorate . Simultaneously, they visited multiple doctors in and around Madurai, but every time they came back dejected. Every doctor they met told them the same thing – an expensive heart surgery is the only cure for Sriharini.

Then in August 2017, at a health checkup in Sriharini’s school, the local Govt . doctor became aware of Sriharini’s condition. As luck would have it, he had heard about Little Moppet Heart Foundation’s camp in Madurai for children with heart conditions.

He spoke with Sriharini’s grandmother and helped them get to Madurai for the camp.

Dr. Gopi Nallaiyan , founder of Little Moppet Heart Foundation, did a thorough check up and confirmed the diagnosis and treatment. But he did not stop there. He assured Sriharini’s Uncle and Grandmother that Little Moppet Heart Foundation will do their best to raise money for her treatment .

On 25th September, 2017, 11-year old Sriharini underwent heart surgery at Devadoss Multispeciality Hospital in Madurai.

Sriharini’s Uncle and Grandmother were overcome with emotion when they saw her after the surgery. In their family, they said, 25th September will now be remembered as the day Sriharini was reborn.
As for Sriharini, after 11 years of struggle, the shy and soft-spoken girl got the happy ending she always deserved.

You have the power to help other children like Sriharini survive.

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