Successful Surgery of Baby Pavithra

Congenital Heart Disease or CHD is a heart defect present at birth. But many children do not have the necessary resources for its treatment. We, at the Little Moppet Heart Foundation, are committed to creating awareness about CHD and also mobilize resources for the under privileged ones like Pavithra.

Pavithra(2.5 years) was born with CHD. Her parents took her to a Government Hospital but the doctors turned them away, asking them to wait till she is 5 years old. Her parents were getting worried as the symptoms were getting worse. They came to know about a camp organized by Little Moppet Heart Foundation, in the newspaper. She was examined by Dr. Gopi Nallaiyan. She underwent a successful surgery on 28th December, 2016.

She is doing well and leading a normal life and excited in joining nearby Anganwadi Centre 🙂

For more information, reach out to Ms.Tharini at Little Moppet Heart Foundation.

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