Successful Surgery of Baby Akashmati

Blessed with a baby boy, a symbol and witness to their love, Akashmati’s parents little did know that their innocent infant would be diagnosed with CHD in years to come. Just into 2 years of existence, the boy now would have an obstacle to deal with CHD with limited resources for treatment. How could his parents ask for help, when they had left behind their bonds with their families in pursuit for a life that now had only them and two beautiful kids. The couple had come across LMHF’ initiative in a local newspaper, that gave them hopes. Soon, with help of kind hearted people who devoted their time and money Akashmati can now lead a normal healthy life.

Akashmati underwent surgery on November 16, 2016 at 2pm. The surgery was a success and the baby is doing fine and is set out to live a pain-free life from today! We are so emotional at this point as this baby marks our first success story of our selfless vision. A big shout out to a dearest soul Mrs.Girija who had donated towards the cause.

Mrs. Girija and Dr.Hemapriya, Founder of Little Moppet Heart Foundation, had met each other by a mutual friend of theirs when Dr.Hemapriya required a painting to be commissioned. Both of them got into talking and Dr. Hema told her about the Foundation that was going to be launched. This was 4-5 months prior to the launch of the Foundation.

The initiative to save hearts deeply moved Mrs. Girija as her own mother had undergone an open heart surgery and she could empathize with it. She immediately donated Rs. 1 lakh for the cause without any hesitation and it would make her feel happy that she did something for a little heart.

We truly thank you Mrs.Girija and wish the baby and the parents best of luck for the future.

For more information, reach out to Ms.Tharini at Little Moppet Heart Foundation.

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