Success story of Vennila – Tirunelveli

Venilla was born as a normal, lovely baby girl, with all her parents dream by her side. First three months went smooth with the couple looking at the twinkling eyes of the newly born and it was the best time in Mr. Ramar and Mrs. Muneeswari’s life too. There was a sudden sickness when Venilla was at 4 months of age, she had severe vomit and diarrhea. She was immediately taken to the nearby government hospital. Doctors thoroughly examined the baby and the result was an unexpected jolt to the complete family. The doctors confirmed that she has CHD. Mr. Ramar took the baby to Coimbatore for further treatment. Doctor’s there suggested surgery for her. The family couldn’t carry forward to the next level of treatment as they were financially unstable. Mr. Ramar was an agriculturalist with meagre earning and he had no awareness of what should be done. No pain in this world can be compared to the pain of the parents who look at the sufferings of their sick little one. Years rolled on painful. There came a life changing day, when she was in 5th standard. There was a health camp conducted in her school, where the doctors reconfirmed that she has CHD. The team referred them to Little Moppet Heart Foundation’s camp at Tirunelveli. The couple, with hopeful heart brought the little girl Vanilla to the camp. Dr.Gopi examined her and immediately scheduled the date for surgery at free of cost. Venilla responded well to the surgery and doing very well now.