Success story of Sivamugi- Kamuthi, Ramnad

Every new life on earth comes with a happy note. Tiny angel Sivamugi was not an exception. The parents of Sivamugi felt top of the world when they came to know that they have been blessed with a darling baby girl. Nothing remains constant neither grief nor happiness, but the impact they leave is like a heavy storm. The happiness didn’t last long as they came to know that their baby had CHD. The doctors of Sayalkudi government hospital found the problem immediately after birth. Mr. Chandraboopathi was completely upset but didn’t lose hope, After the initial treatment Sivamugi was taken to a hospital where she was given prescriptions to lead her until surgery. Years went on bad as the baby was suffering a lot because of the heart disease. It was so painful for the whole family to see their baby suffer. Mr. Chandraboopathi was a poor farmer who made the living by working as a mason. So due to lack of awareness and finance, the family couldn’t take the baby for further treatment. That’s when a doctor from the local health check-up camp referred Sivamugi to Little Moppet Heart Foundation. Doctor Gopi examined baby Sivamugi and immediately arranged for the surgery. The surgery was successful with Sivamugi being good and stable, she is now a girl of 4 years with a strong heart to march towards a healthy happy life…!!