Success Story of Gunamathi , Pudhukottai

Life is not the same as always, it has its own twists and turns. Gunamathi was the third child of her parents. She was just like all the other babies of her age until she was 6 months. Normally 6th month is a milestone in new born’s life. every parent long for that sweetest month.

It was the same with Mr. Kandhasamy and Mrs. selvarani couple. But everything turned upside down in a single day, cute little Gunamathi was shivering with cold and fever. she was immediately rushed to the Mannaparai hospital. Doctors found that she had CHD. It was a heartbreaking day in Kandhasamy’s life, both the parents were listening to the doctor with tears rolling down their cheeks. Doctor asked them to wait for four more years to go ahead with the treatment. Years went on rolling, with Gunamathi being ill often. Mr. Kandhasamy was a worker of daily wages, so it wasn’t possible for him to afford for the treatment even after four years.

Finally, there came the day of hope, when she was nine years, she came across a health camp in her school. Doctors of that camp examined her and found that she had CHD. she was referred to LMHF camp in Pudukkottai. LMHF team made the most to support Mr. Kandhasamy to make his daughter’s dream of healthy life into reality. The surgery was successfully done, keeping an end to their unremitting struggle. Now Gunamathi is filled with the spirit of joy and happiness which gets reflected in her parents face too. we wish her a great future ahead.