Success story of Rajeswari- Ramanathapuram

Mr. Boominathan and Mrs. Ramuthai’s second daughter had no signs of CHD except the fast heartbeat. She grew up to be smart and healthy. They came to know about Rajeswari’s birth defect only when she was in her 4th Standard. It was diagnosed by the doctors of the health camp conducted in her school. She was immediately taken to the hospital, where she was admitted for a week, the doctors of the government hospital fixed the date and time for Rajeswari’s surgery.

The day was nearing. Rajeswari’s mom and dad were taking care of her in the hospital. The little brother was also there, as he was very little to stay away from mom. The day before the operation, something unexpected happened. Rajeswari’s little brother got fits and became seriously ill. The whole family panicked. They immediately discharged both the kids and went to their native and admitted the little boy again in the local hospital. It took a complete week for the little boy to become normal.

Because of this incident, Rajeswari’s surgery was canceled and she was again taken home. But her father was taking her to several check-ups, where doctors asked to wait, as Rajeswari’s weight was just 7.5 kgs in her 5th Standard. Mr. Boominathan was a farmer with meager income, in spite of that he fought against the situations and took her to different hospitals. He put his complete effort to save his biggest treasure Rajeswari. Years rolled on, there was again a camp conducted in Rajeswari’s school which made a great difference in her life.

The team referred Rajeswari to Little Moppet Heart Foundation. She was completely diagnosed and surgery was arranged. It was a surprise for them as there was no penny demanded. The surgery was done completely free with the help of the kind hearted donors. Happy that Rajeswari is recovering well after surgery.