Success story of kishore- Namakkal

18-year-old Kishore was diagnosed with CHD at the age of 2 years. Due to lack of awareness and as he didn’t have any symptoms, his parents had to fight against odds in keeping Kishore in good health and shape.

They couldn’t bring themselves to face the grim reality of their son going through such a testing condition. Their ordeal had just begun when every doctor that they turned to advised surgery. Belonging to Kumarahpalayam in Namakkal, relatives of Kishore had come across Dinakaran newspaper featuring about LMHF. Then he was diagnosed with Dr.Gopi Nallaiyan and was scheduled for surgery. Team LMHF gleamed with happiness towards Kishore’s successful surgery under save a little heart program.

He is recovering now and will soon be able to lead a normal healthy life. A big shout out to all the kind hearts who have donated and prayed for him. He always wanted to be a backbone for his poor family, which he couldn’t make it with his illness and now LMHF has its own pride in fulfilling his wish