Success story of Karunya sri-Ramanathapuram

Mr. Dhasadharan and Mrs. Sangeetha were happily married and had a daughter of 1.5 years old. It was Mrs. Sangeetha’s second pregnancy, they were excited to hear about the baby’s growth during every scan. During one of such scans, there was an unexpected message from the doctors. They informed that the kidney of the baby in the womb was not fully developed. It was an emotional roller-coaster for the complete family. Doctors asked them to hopefully wait, as there was a probability of kidney being developed before delivery. Months passed and the baby girl Karunya Shri was born. Immediately after delivery, Parents were informed that there was no development and baby still had problem in the kidney. They weren’t able to start the treatment as the baby was just born.

When Karunya Shri was 3 months old she started facing cold often and it was very severe, they took baby to the local clinic. Doctor’s found abnormality while baby was crying, baby’s tone was very low. She was taken to ENT for further checkup. There was no problem found but doctor suggested them to take Echo test as her heart beat was very fast. Test was taken and the result was shocking. the little heart had a small hole in it. God sends babies who need special care, only to the most trusted people. Mr. Dhasadharan was a driver by profession with very low income, but he never quit from trying to get his baby cured. Doctors asked the parents to wait for 6 more months to check for any improvement.

6 months later they went for checkup, there was no improvement in child’s heart & kidney. It was a financial as well as mental struggle for the family. Doctors advised them to carry forward with heart surgery and then asked them to take treatment for kidney. But they weren’t able to step further, due to the financial condition. “All fall into right place at right time”. The worried parents came to know about “Little Moppet Heart Foundation”. They approached the foundation for help. Dr. Gopi and the team analyzed the medical history of Karunya Shri. Doctor Gopi’s team made all the necessary arrangements for surgery with the help of the donors.

The surgery was done successfully. Karunya Shri is performing well after the surgery. Baby’s kidney has to be treated in a month or so. She has crossed so many difficulties just within 2 years of age. Let her life be filled with happiness further. Our prayers and guidance will always be there for the little angel. It’s not what you contribute. It can be a single penny, but that would make a huge difference in the life of little hearts like Karunya Shri. Let’s join hands to see the smile.