Success story of kanishkaran- Pudukottai

It was the day they waited for…… the day their new tiny life got introduced to the world. yes, it was the birth of kaniskaran who was the only child to Charles & Priyadharshini couple. They were jumping out of joy, until they heard an abnormal reverberating in the new born’s heart. The whole family shook to know that the baby had constant breathing problem as the blood flow from the left side of his heart was restricted, Doctors advised Charles to wait until it cures by itself, Initially Kanishkaran was facing only fatigue and breathing difficulty but later the situation became worse that his heart started beating abnormal and he started fainting often. Kaniskaran’s parents had no hope when he was 4 years. It was a day of good charm they came to know about Dr. Gopi Nallaiyan. He gave the parents their lost hope.4-year-old kaniskaran underwent a heart surgery which gave him a new bloom. Now Kaniskaran is a happy boy with happy heart to beat for his loving parents.