Success story of Gopina sri- Theni

Never get tired of doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts.”

Gopina Sri is one such sweet hearts whose life was changed due to the supportive hands of our generous donors.

Gopina Sri was a happy little girl of 4 years who was eagerly waiting to visit her first school. Mr. Siva & Mrs. Lakshmi had one elder daughter too. Gopina sri was the younger one among the two beautiful angels. Life was going smooth & happy for them. The meager income of Mr. Siva did not affect their happiness as the little family managed to live with what they have & enjoyed loving each other. Kids tend to catch cold & fever. Gopina Sri too had such problems. During one of such visit to the local hospital, the doctor suspected the baby’s heart beat which was abnormally high and referred to another doctor for getting Scan, ECG & ECHO tests done.

The result was alarming, yes a hole was found in the tiny little heart of Gopina Sri & the doctors advised to go ahead with surgery, the family took their baby girl for further check-ups & found that the surgery was the only option for recovery.Mr. Siva, who was a coolie by profession with meager salary was found helpless to get the financial arrangements done for the surgery.

In that stage, a doctor referred them to My Little Moppet Heart Foundation. Mr. Siva was given complete guidance, moral & financial support by the team headed by Dr. Gopi and the surgery was immediately done. Surgery which was once a puzzle for the family was done with the support of our generous donors and the life of Gopina Sri has got a positive transformation now. Thanks a ton to the team. Contact us if you would like to be a part of this mission.