Success story of Gayathri- Tuticorin

Gayathri was born as the 1st child to her parents and now in her 4th grade. Her father is Mr. Karupasamy, he is working as a labor for a meager daily wage, mother Mrs. Subhulakshmi is a housewife. Gayathri was born with a birth weight of 2.5 kgs and she also had a hole in her little heart. Even though her parents were aware of her heart condition, they weren’t able to do anything as the baby was little. When she was 2 1/2-years of age, her parents took her for a checkup to the local Government hospital. Doctors said that there is a probability of it getting cured by itself when the baby grows. If that doesn’t happen there will be a necessity for surgery. This statement of probability made the parents a little relaxed.

Year’s went on. Gayathri became a school going kid who was always sick of cold and breathing difficulties. Then & there they were visiting different doctors. During one of such visits, there was an echo test done and seeing the report, doctor’s advised them to make immediate arrangements for the operation. They went to Madurai for further treatment and from there to Coimbatore. But everywhere they heard the same advice, to arrange for surgery. They wanted to make it, as they loved their daughter than anything else in the world, But the money needed for surgery was not affordable. So they sent her to school and started trying for sources to help for surgery. During one of her busy school days, when she was climbing stairs to reach her classroom, she faced an unbearable chest pain. Her parents were informed immediately. Gayathri was rushed to the hospital, the only option given to them by the doctors was – Surgery.

“God helps those who help themselves”, this phrase is true in Gayathri’s life. During this crucial time, they came to Know about the “Little Moppet Heart Foundation”. They contacted the foundation with hope. Dr. Gopi and the panel did all the necessary tests and finding the emergency condition, decided to go ahead with the surgery. Kind and big-hearted donors helped with immediate arrangements. The surgery was done successfully. Gayathri is stable now, with her hope-filled happy little heart.