Abhineya’s Story of Recovery

I am Abhineya from Tirunelveli, a seven year old girl. My mother often narrates my story to doctors. That, a few months after I was born I became breathless when my grandmother was giving me a bath. Only at that time I was rushed to the doctor and they detected a problem in my heart.

My dad works hard as a labourer and I have a cheeful little brother Suriya who goes to Kindergarden. On visiting the hospital my parents were shocked to know that I had a defective heart which required surgery. They had only each other for support but didn’t stop looking for a cure, to get me a healthy life.

I never felt tired or had any signs of illness that doctors always questioned my mother about. But my mom was concerned that I was a poor eater for my age. We visited many hospitals, some quite far from where we live. Finally, I got lucky when we visited a free camp at Tirunelveli and met Gopi sir. My parents were happy for me and, I hope one day my mom will no longer need to inform teachers to give special care to me.