Successful Surgery of Pavithra

5-year-old Pavithra’s father Chinna is helpless when he says out loud “Pavithra is my first baby. When she was just 3-months-old, she started falling ill. We took her to a nearby hospital. Here, they told us there was a possibility of a heart problem, I refused to believe it. A life-threatening disease, and that too my child! I immediately took her to another hospital.”
It was finally confirmed. Pavithra had a hole in her heart. It did not end there. The family was referred to yet another hospital with better facilities, for treatment.
“I will never forget that image the doctor showed me on the screen. My little one lay there looking up at me to understand what the problem was, and I could clearly see the hole in her heart. If I broke, so would she. I had to stop breathing to stop myself from crying.”

 Chinna also wanted to save his daughter’s life. Chinna and his wife are both daily wage workers and collectively earn Rs. 300 a day when they both find work.
For the past few months have been extremely tough. Running around to and from the hospital, we both have not gone to work. The household income is zero. I have another baby to feed as well. He is hardly 2. I really don’t know if I will ever lead a normal life again.”

Pavithra’s father chinna came to know about Free Medical camp for children with CHD organised by Little Moppet Heart Foundation in Paramakudi. The camp came as ray of hope for chinna and his family. Pavithra was examined by Dr. Gopi Nallaiayan, she underwent surgery on 11th July 2017. Now, she is going to pre-school just like any other normal child .

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