Successful Surgery of Mukithasri

Mukithasri Smiles Again…

Mukithasri’s parents hoped that the birth of their child would bring some happiness into their hard life. But God had some other plans. Barely had Mukithasri turned 3 months old, when her parents learned that their darling daughter suffers from Congenital Heart Disease.

They could not come to terms with this development. But mustering up courage, they took Mukithasri to a doctor where they were advised to wait till Mukithasri was 2 years old, in the hope that the hole in the heart will close automatically.

However, there was no improvement in Mukithasri’s condition even after 2 years and so they consulted the doctors again. Open Heart Surgery was the advice they got. Mukithasri’s father was a daily-wage earner and worked as a porter in Mandapam, in Rameshwaram District. They weren’t financially sound enough to afford the cost of surgery, so they continued her treatment at the local Primary Health Centre(PHC). Around this time, Mukithasri’s parents learned about a Free Medical Camp being organised by the Little Moppet Heart Foundation at the Bogalur PHC.

Dr Gopi Nallaiyan examined Mukithasri and scheduled her for surgery. She underwent surgery on 19th August, 2017. With the efforts and wishes from everyone around her, she is recuperating well. We wish her a healthy and happy life ahead

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